Cats Around Town Society [C.A.T.S.] is a local 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that closely follows the efforts of Alley Cat Allies, a nationally known group based in Bethesda, Maryland. Although C.A.T.S. is a relatively new group for the resort area, most of the group's volunteers were actively involved with another local group for numerous years. We fully intend to continue our effort to reduce the feral feline over-population in Lower Sussex County.

C.A.T.S. is comprised of people who believe the best way to control the feline feral over-population is to do what is known as Trap/Neuter/Return [TNR]. Various studies have proven that TNR is the ONLY truly effective and humane way to diminish the feral feline population. It is estimated that 40+ million feral cats reside throughout the United States.

C.A.T.S. regularly participates in an out of state PetSmart Adoption Program. Felines accepted into this program are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to being adopted. We embrace the practice of pediatric spay/neuter procedures which are performed before the kittens reach the age of six months. Pediatric spay/neuter procedures cause the felines' reproductive processes to shutdown, thereby preventing over-population by 100% before it even begins.

We also participate in a program offered by the State of Delaware's Department of Agriculture. This program offers tremendous financial assistance to people who desire to spay/neuter their feline companions but have little or no resources to do so. To qualify for this program, individuals must provide proper identification and receive financial aid from the state. Once qualified, they pay a fee of only $20 for the spay/neuter procedure which includes a rabies vaccination. Qualifying groups, including C.A.T.S., receive free spay/neuter funding for up to thirty felines per year. Groups must be incorporated in the State of Delaware as well as having 501(c)(3) status.